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The Faces of Our Organization


Dhruv Sadani


Hey everyone , this is Dhruv Sadani ! I am a class 11th student who has a great passion for the subject of computer science and I wish to pursue this subject as my major for my undergraduate studies . I have designed several projects using python , javascript  , java , HTML5 and have engaged in a number of machine learning projects.  Computer science has always been my keen interest from the very day it was introduced to us in class 8. I like to keep myself updated with the current developments in technology especially in the fields of Artificial intelligence , Data Science and ofcourse Machine Learning. Besides my academic interest , I love to participate in debates , elocutions , olympiads , sporting activities like table tennis , chess , badminton, swimming  and have won several trophies , medals and certificates in these fields. I also have a great interest in the stock market and so read a number of articles about various companies which gives me a fair idea of which stocks to invest in and accordingly give my line of reasoing to my grandfather, who after finding my reasoning logical , does invest in those stocks. Organizing fests , festivals and tournaments have made me self confident and has improved my communication and organizing skills which as a result has brought about leadership qualities in me .My life is meaningless without CS. Reviewing articles, reading autobiographies  and  blogging are my  other interests. I always want to keep myself updated with the current affairs so that I am aware of what is happening around the world.  My ambition is to use technology to create a safer , healthier and wealthier environment for the society to live in!


Pranay Sadani


"I am always curious to learn , understand , grasp and utilize each and everything that I get to know . My current interests are in the fields of physics and computer science."

Hello everyone , This is Pranay Sadani!  I am a class 9th student and love to code.  

I have keen interest in exploring and understanding new fields such as Internet of Things , Artificial Intelligence , Astrophysics and few more . Everyone has a passion - public speaking , coding , swimming and reading books are mine. There are several great entrepreneurs and scientists from whom I am inspired and they are Elon Musk , Albert Einstein , Isaac Newton , Stephen Hawking , Richard Feynman and Jack Ma . Though I do not have much life experience , I still have learnt a few golden rules . They are :-

  • If we fall down , we must stand up again !

  • Never Give up !

  • Always be determined and devoted to your work.

  • Be always happy even during times of hardships.

Helping people is of great importance to me!​