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Statewise Covid Helplines

Get the numbers of your state covid helplines without any hassle from CoviRescue!


Donate Plasma

Can you imagine how important your blood is to others ? 

Answer is a lot ! Donate your blood to save others. This is an oppurtunity to do something good for the society . Let's together do this !


Oxygen Supply

Currently , there has been a shortage of oxygen supply but do not get tensed . We have listed some contacts whom you can call and get your oxygen supplied .


Extra Resources & Useful Links

Some important and useful links have been linked below . Please have a look at it because it can be helpful to you !


Important Info about Covid-19 Vaccine

Wear your masks at all time . Do not listen to hear-say . Exhort your family members , friends and relatives to get vaccinated . The Covid-19 Vaccination Drive is ON!

Vacant Beds

Get all the free beds available from official sources which are trusted and valuable.
We have to believe each other in order to fight against Covid-19 because this is a time when providing support to the infected is not only necessary but also mandatory.


Food availablity

We know that food is one of the major issues for those who are infected but do not worry . We present to you the places which have food and are willing to give at certain time slots. We urge that you do not make any financial transaction until unless spoken to the person-in-charge.


Request Plasma

If you want plasma then you have come to the correct place. We have linked two trusted website from which you can request plasma . Hope it helps you !
For more website links go to Extra Resorces section .


Creating Enthusiasm in the hearts of people

Quarantine can be a lonely experience but to make your isolation enthusiastic we present to you videos of those who were infected with Covid and how they have recovered and videos of those who advice what you can do to encourage you.



We would love your feedback on our website and our resources . This is about working together . If you tell us where we can improve then we can make our services even better and more informative and resourceful.

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